These are the circumstances under which you are entitled to a refund from us for products already paid for:

Where we have delivered products to you that are different from the one you ordered; 

Where we have delivered products that are damaged or defective; 

Where we have delivered products to you in incorrect quantities. 

In any of the above-mentioned circumstances, you must notify us of the problem by e-mail, not more than 3 working days after we have delivered your ordered product.

If you have not received your ordered product within 30 days of the order date, you must also notify us by email.

Upon our receipt of your complaint of undelivered products, incorrect quantities, defective products, or incorrectly supplied products, we will replace any damaged goods; make good any non-delivery or shortage; or refund the amount that you paid for the goods.

Where we are refunding money to you, we will use the same payment method you originally used and will do our best to process the refund within 30 days of confirming that you are entitled to a refund.